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Home Sharing (Short-term Rental) Insurance in Shoreview, MN

In an era where home sharing has become a popular trend, homeowners are increasingly opening their doors to short-term renters through platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. While the appeal of extra income and cultural exchange is enticing, hosts must consider the potential risks involved. As such, it’s necessary to understand the financial protection provided by home sharing insurance (also known as short-term rental insurance).

What Is Short-term Rental Insurance?white couch near brown wooden door

The terms home sharing insurance and short-term rental insurance may often be used interchangeably. This type of coverage is generally designed to financially protect homeowners when renting out their property for brief durations. Unlike traditional homeowners insurance, which may not adequately address the unique risks associated with transient guests, home sharing policies can fill these coverage gaps and can often cover property damage, theft, liability claims and loss of rental income if a property becomes temporarily uninhabitable.

How Much Does Short-term Rental Insurance Cost?

The cost of short-term rental insurance varies depending on factors such as location, property type, coverage limits and the insurance provider. Some policies may also offer optional additions and endorsements, allowing hosts to tailor coverage to their specific needs and ensure their property and financial interests are adequately protected.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Home Sharing?

Many homeowners mistakenly assume their standard homeowners insurance policy will protect them when renting out their property. However, most traditional policies are not designed to address the unique risks associated with short-term rentals. In fact, some policies explicitly exclude coverage for business activities, which can include renting out your home. To ensure comprehensive protection, hosts should opt for a dedicated short-term rental insurance policy that specifically addresses the challenges of home sharing.

We’re Here to Help

While offering short-term rentals may be an exciting opportunity to generate additional revenue, responsible hosts must prioritize their financial security. Investing in suitable home sharing coverage may ensure that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of home sharing without compromising their peace of mind.

At Dean Olson Insurance Agency, we’re dedicated to helping you understand your home sharing insurance options and secure appropriate coverage. With a catalog of more than 50 insurance carriers, we have the ability to place most risks. At the same time, we typically can offer more expansive coverage at a better price than most competitors in the industry.

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