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High-Value Home Insurance in Shoreview, MN

Owning a luxurious property is a milestone achievement for many people. However, safeguarding these high-value homes requires more than standard coverage. That’s where high-value home insurance steps in, providing comprehensive protection tailored to the unique needs of affluent homeowners.

What Is High-Value Home Insurance? white concrete house near green trees during daytime

High-value homeowners insurance is a specialized form of coverage designed for properties with substantial value. Unlike standard homeowners insurance, which may have coverage limits insufficient to protect high-end homes fully, high-value homeowners insurance offers higher coverage limits and broader protection.

Insurance companies typically define high-value homes based on factors such as property value, custom features and unique risks associated with luxury properties. These policies are often customizable, allowing homeowners to tailor coverage to their specific needs and preferences.

What Does High-Value Home Insurance Cover?

High-value home policies provide extensive coverage for the structure and contents of luxury homes. Common features of these policies include:

  • Structural coverage—This may financially protect the physical structure of the home, including the main residence, attached structures like garages or guesthouses, and outdoor features such as swimming pools or tennis courts.
  • Personal property coverage—High-value homeowners insurance typically extends coverage to expensive belongings such as fine art, jewelry, antiques and high-end electronics while offering broader protection and higher reimbursement limits.
  • Liability coverage—In the event of accidents or injuries on the property, liability coverage may provide financial protection against legal expenses and potential lawsuits.
  • Additional living expenses—If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event, high-value homeowners insurance can cover temporary living expenses such as hotel stays and meal costs.
  • Specialized options—Depending on your needs, high-value homeowners policies may offer additional coverage options such as identity theft protection, equipment breakdown coverage and coverage for domestic employees.

We’re Here to Help

At Dean Olson Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of suitably securing your home, property and finances with appropriate high-value homeowners coverage. Contact us today to learn more about your options or to get a personalized high-value home insurance quote.

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