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Personal Injury


In a time of social media, viral tweets, and instant access to millions of people with the click of a button, it's more important than ever to protect your family from a libel or slander lawsuit.


Consider this: In 2010, rocker Courtney Love tweeted to thousands of followers that her lawyer had been "bought off." In return she was sued for libel, stating she used her "fame and influence to reach millions of people in an attempt to cause irreparable damage to the plaintiff's business, name, and reputation." 


Although Love was cleared of the charges (the jury ruled that though her tweet included harmful false information, Love didn't know it was false, and therefore not guilty of libel), the point is that anything you or your family submit on social media will be subject to the standards of traditional publishing.


Most homeowner's insurance does not automatically include coverage for personal injury but it is available as an addition to the policy, for a relatively low cost.


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Is your home as efficient as it could be?


Drafty windows. Leaky faucets. Dirty air filters.


All are common issues and they're not only annoying - they also cost you money in decreased energy efficiency and higher utility bills.


Would you like to save $200 to $400 a year on your energy costs? That's how much the EPA's Energy Star program estimates that homeowners can save by incorporating technologies to make their homes run more efficiently. Several of the tips below from the National Association of Home Builders will help you run more efficiently.


Do a home-energy audit

Making your home more efficient can seem like an overwhelming task. But "auditing" your energy efficiency is something you can do yourself, and it's relatively simple. This will show you where your home loses energy, how efficient your heating and cooling systems are, and ways you can decrease your electricity use. Just inspect the areas listed here and note the problems you find.


Where's the air?

Air commonly "leaks" from homes through gaps around baseboards, electrical outlets and windows or doors. Stopping these drafts can save up to 30% of your yearly energy costs. Be sure to check your home's exterior as well, paying particular attention to areas where two different building materials meet. When you find leaks, seal them with caulk or weather stripping.

Don't wait ... insulate!

Check to see if the amount of insulation in the ceiling and walls is sufficient. Your attic door should be insulated and close tightly. For walls, make a small hole in a closet or other inconspicuous place and probe into the wall with a screwdriver - the area should be completely filled with insulation.

Do a systems check

Efficient heating and cooling systems can save you frustration as well as money. Make sure ducts and pipes are insulated properly, and have your equipment checked and cleaned by a professional each year. Filters for forced-air furnaces should be replaced as soon as they are dirty, or every 30 to 60 days.

Let there be (efficient) light.

Lighting can account for up to 20% of your home's total electricity use, so consider compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs, which last longer and use far less energy than incandescent bulbs.


The only thing left to do after you complete your audit (and make any necessary changes)? Figuring out how to spend the money you'll save each year!



7 Types of Insurance Every Business Owner Needs to Know About


1. Professional Liability Insurance, also known as errors & omissions insurance, covers a business against negligence claims from mistakes.


2. Property Insurance, covering buildings, equipment, inventory, and furniture from storm damage, theft, etc.


3. Worker's Compensation Insurance covers an employee's medical treatment, disability, and death benefits if they are injured or die as a result of their work in the business.

4. A Home Business Endorsement covers a business in the home. A standard homeowner's policy will not cover a home-based business unless it is added as an endorsement to the policy.

5. Product Liability Insurance protects a business if it's named in a lawsuit due to damages caused by one of its products.

6. Vehicle Insurance will cover company cars used in the business. This is especially important if you are delivering a product for a fee.

7. Business Interruption Insurance provides compensation for lost income in the event that your business is unable to operate due to a disaster or catastrophic event. 


Each business is unique and requires an insurance package tailored to its individual risks. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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